A Veteran-Owned Surveying Company in Alberta

Icon Surveys is a veteran-owned and locally operated surveying company in Fort McMurray Alberta. We specialize in construction surveying and underground utility locating.

We provide the highest quality work in the safest manner possible. Our business is built on the strength of a team of construction surveyors who are reliable and efficient.

Why Choose Us

With over three decades of experience in construction surveying and underground line locating on complex plant sites, Icon Surveys has industry-leading knowledge and expertise to meet all your construction surveying requirements.

Working Together

We offer a client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid quality work every time.

Reliable & Accurate Services

We understand that accuracy is not only required but is essential. Icon Surveys use the latest instruments and techniques to ensure that you can feel confident you have the right numbers on hand.

At Icon Surveys, our team of experienced Construction surveyors assesses the site with skill and precision. We understand the importance of doing the job accurately and how it can affect your future transactions.